Pro Clean Tile Restoration

Stone Cleaning in Swindon, Wiltshire

ProClean specialises in restoring the beauty of all types of natural stone tiles. You receive a on-site demonstration before we start the stone cleaning work, to make sure you will be happy with the result!

When the job is done, you receive professional advice from us on how to clean and maintain your beloved tiles to prolong the life of the seal.

ProClean offers :

  • Professional floor cleaning service
  • Competitive prices
  • Reliable and friendly Service


Limestone, Marble, Travertine Cleaning

By using a series of four diamond encrusted pads, we remove any existing sealer, scratches, dirt, and marks from your tiles.

Our stone cleaning machines can also remove lippage, where tiles have not been laid properly.

In turn, each pad gradually re-polishes the surface back to its original lustre, ready to be left to dry and then sealed the following day. The sealer protects the floor against spills, staining, and future dirt build-up.

There are many techniques to restoring your stone depending on your desired finish.


Slate and Terracotta Cleaning

Our industrial stone cleaners, scrub brushes and/or ‘burnishing’ pads get rid of any existing sealers like linseed oils and waxes, which are notoriously difficult to remove!

Terracotta and slate tiles are porous, causing them to be prone to staining.

We can remove the stains depending on their origins and the timescale of saturation.

Efflorescence (salt deposits/white hazing) is also a common problem with slate and terracotta floors, which we can treat with our problem solvers.

Once we have achieved a ‘washed away’ effect and are certain that we have removed any evident sealers and stains, the floor is left to dry.

We then use our specialist sealers to protect the floor from future spills and staining.


Flagstone & Sandstone Cleaning

Your flagstone tiled floor can be cleaned and sealed using our extensive range of products and machinery.

Many house owners do not know that flagstone tiles need to be sealed.

Yet, it is essential to seal this floor type because of the stone’s porous nature and how quickly it absorbs dirt and grime.

By using heavy duty products and burnishing pads on a rotary machine we can remove dirt, stains, existing sealers and paint.

Once we have removed this, we leave the floor to dry overnight or longer depending on porosity.

We then seal your flagstone tiled floor to protect it against future staining and to enhance the appearance by bringing out the natural colours throughout.


Quarry Tile Cleaning

Your beloved quarry floor can be restored back to its former glory.

At ProClean, we use top of the market chemicals, equipment and experience to restore, clean and seal your quarry floor.

Quarry tiles can be troublesome to clean if they aren’t maintained or sealed correctly.

Often, we find these types of tiles neglected beneath existing carpets and other floors.

This beautiful stone deserves to shine, and we are able to restore, clean and seal your quarry tiles back to their natural beauty.


Victorian Tiles Cleaning

Many customers find that they have a Victorian tiled floor underneath their existing carpets which they want to make a ‘distinctive feature’.

In order for the floor to become that amazing centrepiece to your home, the tiles need to be cleaned, restored and sealed.

We use industrial stone cleaning solutions combined with a strong black burnishing pad to remove paint blotches, carpet adhesive, ingrained dirt and dust.

Once we have removed the optimal amount of slurry we would then remove and rinse the slurry with our wet vacuums.

As Victorian stone tiles can be up to 100+ years old every type of Victorian tile brings different results.

Once the tile has been left to dry we return to seal the floor with topical sealer.

This does not only protect against wear, dirt and stains, it also enhances the colours to bring back the lustre.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and patch test. We are based in Swindon, Wiltshire, but happily serve the nearby counties as well.